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As you wrap up warm for the winter, the weather, especially strong winds and heavy rain can cause problems with your fencing, so it is an important time to care for your timber fencing to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Here are some tips:

  1. Fix any existing damage: Check your fence, sturdy and stable posts are vital to ensure your fence stays upright. Replace or repair any broken panels as soon as possible. This regular maintenance will prevent any damage from spreading further throughout your fence and causing the whole fence to weaken.                                                
  2. Keep the base of your fence dry: It is important to keep fencing out of contact with the very wet ground, as this can cause rot to the base of the panel. Remove any debris from around the bottom of the fence to ensure good drainage. If you already have concrete posts and gravel boards, this will help with this problem, but still, check to ensure that nothing has banked up on the gravel boards and is touching the panel.
  3.  Overhanding branches: It is important to prune overhanging branches as they can cause a lot of costly damage if not cared for appropriately. High winds or heavy snow could cause branches to bend dangerously close to your fence or even break under the weight.
  4.  Treat the wood: It is a good idea to treat the timber with a good quality treatment to help preserve the quality of the item, and it will also help protect against decay, mould and fungi. Choose the right preservative for your fence and always follow the manufacturers’ instructions.


With the chance of some snow and icy weather arriving here in the South West – please take the following advice with regards to your patios, paths, steps etc.. On icy or snow-covered patio areas, steps or paths, never use de-icing chemicals or salt during freezing winter conditions. The use can affect both the durability and the aesthetics of the paving. Use a plastic shovel or stiff brush to remove snow and ice.

Therefore even with just frosty slabs, do not use any form of salt, especially rock salt to de-ice paving as it will undoubtedly cause long-term breakdown of the concrete.

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