Our Terms and Conditions

All sizes quoted are approximate. All product measurements are nominal. Weight, measurements and colours are all approximate and may vary slightly due to the nature of the products.

Any faulty goods must be reported to Slabs ‘R’ Us Ltd., within 7 days, this is not a guarantee that the product will be replaced if it is deemed that the customer is responsible for the fault.

If the product is an item supplied by a third party, then any faults/complaints will be handed over to that company and will be dealt with under their complaints procedure and we can not be held responsible or liable for this, and for any outcome reached.

If the goods have been laid, installed or treated with any additional products, we accept not responsibility for any cost incurred, damage or returns, and we do not offer a cash refund, or a relaying / uplifting service.

We will not take any responsibility or liability in respect of products being used for any purpose other than those for which they were intended by the manufacturers eg: concrete posts are suitable for a maximum height of a 6ft fence in total, anything above this height could cause structural problems, which we are not liable for.

If a patio is laid by us, it is necessary to refrain from walking on the patio for at least 48 hours after the jointing has been completed and the mortar has set, thus avoiding any loosening of slabs. If we are asked to return to rectify any problems, a charge may be made if it is deemed that the customer is responsible for the fault.

All timber is pre-treated at the time of sale. The treatment used should protect the timber against wood destroying insects and wood rotting fungi.  When working with the timber PPE should be worn.  Do not use treated wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, animal feed or beehives or in contact with a drinking water supply.  Do not use preserved wood for mulch.  Full content details of the treatment used are available on request.

Wood is an organic material with a natural moisture content and is prone to changes in appearance including some warping and splitting particularly in extremes of temperature, this is natural and beyond our control. With regards to additional treatment applied by the customer we are not responsible for the cost or damage to any of the products.

As with most of the construction business we are governed by the weather and suppliers of raw materials, but will make best endeavours to keep to the timescale agreed once the order has been received.

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the durability and performance of the concrete, and we cannot be held responsible for its occurrence.

We are not responsible for any foreign chemicals used on the surface of the slabs, ie: salt, brick acid, bleach etc., which all can and will damage concrete.

Weathering – just as natural stone the appearance of concrete products will weather and change after a period of time exposed to the elements and dark patches may appear. Sealants can be used, but they can affect the colour and texture of the paving and we accept no responsibility for this or for any other costs or damage to the products. We do not recommend power washing the patio as it can damage the slabs and remove grouting, washing with soapy water and brushing should be adequate to maintain your patio.

All goods will remain the property of Slabs ‘R’ Us Ltd until full payment is received. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required on all products.

Any costs incurred whilst trying to recover goods or payment ie: administration, solicitors fees etc., will be charged to the customer.  We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid.

Photographs etc., within our brochure/website are for guideline purposes only and products may vary depending on customer’s requirements and raw material supplies.

Deliveries : All goods delivered will be to the kerb side only. If you require items to be carried to a particular part of your garden an additional charge may be made. Once the goods are off-loaded, they become the responsibility of the customer and must be stored/handled in a correct manner. If an item is collected, we can not be held responsible for any damage during transit.

If the delivery vehicle is asked to leave the highway by the customer, this will be at the customer’s own risk and we accept no responsibility for any problems or damage to their property.

Easy access must be available. It is the customer’s responsibility to clear the site or entrance to the site. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep children and pets under control whilst the delivery/installation is taking place.

Payment is COD without exception and the driver is authorized to collect payment. Payment details: cash or debit/credit cards.  Please note that there is a charge of 50p per transaction for debit cards and 2.9% of the total amount per transaction for credit cards.  However we do not accept card payment – customer not present transactions over the phone.

These terms and conditions are subject to changes and are updated regularly however please be aware that changes might have occurred and if required, ask for our up-dated version.


Delivery is kerbside drop only, (this means on the road next to the kerb or the bottom of a driveway unless otherwise requested).  If the vehicle is allowed on your driveway etc., off loading will be to the side of the vehicle and items will not be carried to another part of the premises.

It is then the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product is moved promptly and does not obstruct the carriageway or pavement, and stored/handled in a correct manner.

Risk of loss and damage of products passes to the customer on the date when the products are delivered or on the date of the first attempted delivery.

Suitable access will need to be available and in all cases it is the customers’ responsibility to provide a suitable area for offload, it is imperative the area is hard and level.  The more movement of the product after delivery could increase the likelihood of damage.  You  must advise us of any restrictions that will impede the delivery vehicle from dropping the goods.

Our drivers are not insured to take goods onto your premises without permission.  If you require the driver to come off the public highway onto your property with the vehicle, the goods, or both, this is entirely at your own risk and if the driver/vehicle damages anything (eg: manhole covers, tarmac, block paved drive, public footpaths, grassed area, walls, pillars, gates, gate posts, trees etc.,) the cost of repair will be your responsibility. We would point out that our drivers are very competent and you should have no cause for concern, we just have to point out the possible pit falls.

It is the customers’ responsibility to keep children and pets under control whilst the delivery is taking place.

Please be aware that if a delivery is turned away for any reason, the cost of the original delivery and any subsequent deliveries will be charged to the customer.


In a perfect world, all deliveries run smoothly, without problems, we have heard every “sad” story

when customers ask the driver to carry slabs, through the gate, down to the bottom of the garden,

over the garden fence, through the field etc., and always stating that it will only take a couple

of minutes!  To keep to our delivery schedule this is not possible – sorry.